About Us

When Yasmin was pregnant, she was addicted to lime flavoured ice lollies. It was loaded with sugar, artificial flavours and colourings, but was tangy and helped calmed Yasmin’s severe morning sickness. To no surprise, when Yasmin got her glucose test results, her gynaecologist announced she was pre-diabetic! Not willing to give up on her sweet treats just yet, Yasmin decided to freeze her own lime and fruit juices – a healthier alternative to her cravings. Her homemade version sparked a sweet inspiration, now known as Pops Malaya. 

How It’s Made

Pops Malaya is made with the fewest ingredients possible. And since we’re home cooks, not fancy food chemists we prefer to use ingredients that we recognise – fresh fruits, organic cane sugar, herbs, fresh milk and dark chocolate. Everyday in the Pops Malaya kitchen, we take the juiciest fruits at the peak of ripeness, add a kiss of organic cane sugar and freeze them onto sticks. There is absolutely no added fillers, preservatives, fake flavours  or food dyes.